The issue of what happens to us when we die is one that grips the attention of most of us at some time or other. The older we get the more we find it demanding our serious consideration. This can also apply to younger people who suffer life-threatening or serious injuries or illnesses. Will there be another life after I die? Is it to be the same eventual outcome for everyone, or not? Is death the immediate gateway to another life. Will that be heavenly bliss or torment in hell – or neither?

The Bible has the answer. Bible teaching about life after death is neither falsely over-optimistic nor gloomy and depressing. It’s impressively rational and realistic. The Bible faces up to the realities of our human nature but also offers a wonderful hope for the future for those prepared to respond to its teaching and act upon its advice. This hope is not for anyone or everyone.

The Bible reveals that bodily resurrection at the future time of Christ’s second coming, followed by divine judgement to determine who is worthy, or unworthy, to receive the gift of eternal life, is the one and only hope of life after death. The crucially important issue therefore is to define what we must do to be held accountable for divine assessment at this momentous time and to have hope of the gracious gift of eternal life in God’s promised future Kingdom on earth. 

We invite you to a free Bible talk on the crucial subject, Is eternal life just a myth? This will beat 7.00pm on Sunday evening the 15th of December. The venue is the Christadelphian Hall, 489 Mount Gravatt-Capalaba Road, corner of Boyanda Street, opposite Ham Road, Wishart. That’s on Sunday evening the 15th of December at 7 o’clock.

A booklet titled After death – what? The Bible’s answer can be downloaded or read online by going to the link below:

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