A General Overview of Christadelphian Activities
Most of the following activities are held at the South Brisbane Christadelphian Ecclesia. We generally use the word ecclesia (which means ‘groups of people’) rather than church.

Memorial Meeting
This meeting is held each Sunday at each of our ecclesias’ locations. We are told in the Bible to ‘break bread and drink wine’ in rememberance of Jesus who obeyed his father, God, in all that he was asked, and did no sin. The bread represents his body and the wine his blood. Jesus lived his life and died for each one of us, and his blood was shed for all men so that we all have the opportunity to live forever. At these meetings we read from the Bible and have ‘exhortations’ which are talks prepared by members of our ecclesias to refocus our minds and encourage us. Prayer is also a very important part of these meetings as is the singing of hymns or songs of praise.

Bible studies
Each of our ecclesias hold Bible study meetings or classes to help people learn the message of the Bible and how we can apply the principles we learn. These studies are prepared by members of the ecclesia, usually as an address to the audience. Studies are often interactive being followed by discussion. They are held at varying times throughout the week depending on the ecclesia.

Sunday School
The Bible clearly tells us to teach its message to our children. Sunday School lessons are held usually on a Sunday morning with teachers providing a safe and interactive learning environment. Lessons and activities vary according to the age of the children.

Other activities
Other types of activities that may be organised include:
– Preaching the gospel (good news of the coming Kingdom of God to be established on the earth). Preaching methods include person to person, seminars, online courses, public talks, media advertising, etc.
– ‘Fraternals’ which may include a short talk, musical and other items, multimedia presentations and supper
– Youth Group
– Play-group for mothers and their young children
– Home study classes
– Social and picnic gatherings
– Combined regional and national conferences
– Support for Bible missions and welfare in other countries