Did you realise that Jesus Christ is going to come a second time to fulfil his destiny to be King of the world? Ordinarily, so called “world leaders” come and go – whether good, bad or mediocre. None of them actually “lead” the whole world. They are all fallible and all temporary. Mortality inevitably takes its toll on those who cling doggedly to power for many years – often because of a lust for continued power, privilege and financial gain. The Bible promises a world leader to come with none of these deficiencies. The purpose of his personal return is to establish God’s worldwide Kingdom on earth. When this happens the failings of human leadership will be swept away and Christ will rule the world with infallible insight and incorruptible righteousness.


Christ’s second coming is referred to over 300 times in the New Testament, and many times in the Old Testament as well. We can be certain that he will return literally, personally and visibly. Other Bible predictions have been fulfilled with remarkable accuracy. So, if you’re going to take your Christian faith seriously, you need to be aware of what the Bible teaches about his certain return, the important reasons why he is coming again, and what you need to do to be prepared for it.


We invite you to a free Bible presentation on this vital topic, Christ’s return is a certainty. This Bible talk will be at 7.00pm on Sunday evening the 5th of August. The venue is the Christadelphian Hall, 489 Mount Gravatt-Capalaba Road, corner of Boyanda Street, opposite Ham Road, Wishart. That’s on Sunday evening the 5th of August at 7 o’clock.


A relevant free booklet to draw to your attention is titled “Christ is coming. Bible teaching about his return”. It can be downloaded or read online by going to either of the links below:

  • thisisyourbible.com (Library→Doctrine→booklet title) or
  • bibleed.com (Bible Education→Bible Booklets Online →Jesus & The Promises→booklet title).