Vast numbers of people today have little or no idea of the content of the Bible, let alone believe in its contents. There are some churches which claim to have the Bible as the sole authority for their beliefs. Other churches (some very large ones) claim that the authority of their leaders, or their claimed possession of Holy Spirit gifts and guidance, surpass the authority of Bible teaching.

The Bible claims to be the word of God – God’s inspired revelation of Himself and His Son, and His plan for the world. This claim is either entirely true or it’s a lie. The Bible’s claim to reliable truth is confirmed by its many prophecies that have actually come to pass – particularly predictions about Jesus Christ and God’s people Israel.

In the Old Testament there is a whole library of prophetic information about Jesus Christ – his birth, life, death, resurrection and the prospect of his kingship of the world. All of this is confirmed in the New Testament, plus the emboldening transformation his resurrection had on his formerly frightened and disillusioned disciples.

As to Israel, the Old Testament predicted their scattering and persecution among the nations and their regathering to the Holy Land, all of which have proved dramatically true. Today, some 6.67 million Jews originating from many nations of the world now live in the almost 71-year-old modern state of Israel.  

 These facts give us assurance that predicted events that are still future to us today will also come to pass – notably Christ’s return and God’s Kingdom on earth. They also confirm that the Bible has the authority to teach us how to live our lives now – today.

We invite you to a free Bible talk on the crucial subject, Prophecy confirms the Bible is reliable. This will beat 7.00pm on Sunday evening the 31st of March. The venue is the Christadelphian Hall, 489 Mount Gravatt-Capalaba Road, corner of Boyanda Street, opposite Ham Road, Wishart. That’s on Sunday evening the 31st of March at 7 o’clock.

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