The Bible is intensely realistic about human nature. It gives multiple examples of the fact that human nature has an innate tendency to follow its own desires rather than what God requires of us. It shows that human nature, without the influence of any supposed supernatural power of evil, is prone to “sin”.


There is no need to fear a personal supernatural “devil”, nor should we use the supposed personal “devil” that does not exist to divert blame from ourselves. Sin means the breaking of God’s laws. The penalty for “sin” is death, and death means the cessation of life, not the gateway to life in heavenly realms. That’s the Bible’s bad news.


The good news in the Bible is that God has devised a wonderfully gracious remedy achieved through His Son Jesus Christ – a remedy we can all benefit from if we’re prepared to meet the conditions that He has revealed in the Bible.


We invite you to a free Bible talk on this vital subject, The real source of temptation, at 7.00pm on Sunday evening the 24th of September. The venue is the Christadelphian Hall, 489 Mount Gravatt-Capalaba Road, corner of Boyanda Street, opposite Ham Road, Wishart. That’s on Sunday evening the 24th of September at 7 o’clock.


A booklet titled “Do you believe in a devil? Bible teaching on temptation”can be downloaded or read online by going to either of the links below:

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