How can this be accomplished? Well, Almighty God requires us to be teachable and obedient to His requirements. These requirements are explained to us in the Bible – which is God’s inspired word. They are made very clear by the recorded teaching of His beloved Son, Jesus Christ and also by his Apostles. God requires us to understand and believe the true message of the Gospel, and that must be followed by obedient action. Jesus told a Jewish religious leader, “You MUST be born again … Except a man (or woman) be born of water and the spirit, he (or she) cannot enter the Kingdom of God.” When Jesus spoke of being “born of water”, he was referring to baptism: by verbal definition a total immersion, and by spiritual definition a burial in water to link the responsible person to Jesus’ death and, by being raised from the water, to an association with his resurrection. Jesus himself was baptised, because he deemed it to be essential. He also taught, “He (or she) who believes and is baptised will be saved”.


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